About CCSO

For over 50 years, the Cheektowaga Community Symphony Orchestra has served the community with free public performances of classic, popular and patriotic music for full symphony orchestra.  

CCSO maintains its outstanding programming through generous support from town funds, sponsors, boosters and patrons. The CCSO membership consists of young students through seasoned professionals working together to bring quality programs to its audiences. Concerts are presented at various venues throughout the area, including local churches, the Cheektowaga Senior Center, the Cheektowaga Town Park, and Villa Maria College.

All CCSO concerts are free and open to the public. Free will offerings are accepted at each concert to help support the orchestra, and donations are always welcome.


CCSO History

CCSO Conductors

1961 - 1971 Robert Mols
1971 - 1973 Frank Collura
1973 - 1975 Manuel Alvarez
1976 - 1991 Marylouise Nanna
1991 - 2015 John Landis

2017 - present Nick DelBello

The Cheektowaga Community Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1960 though the auspices of the Town of Cheektowaga and the Adult Education Program of four school districts in Cheektowaga: Cheektowaga-Sloan, Cheektowaga Central, Cleveland Hill, and Maryvale. Its mission was to provide the opportunity for the residents of Cheektowaga and the surrounding communities to play in a symphony orchestra, to provide an enriching cultural experience for each member of the community, and to encourage appreciation of a wide repertoire of music. A schedule of four concerts per year was established so that each school district would take part in hosting the orchestra.

Over the years, the orchestra has presented programs from symphonic to popular music in many different venues, including Artpark, the Polish-American Arts Festival, Flag Day celebrations, Cheektowaga public schools, and Cheektowaga’s Cultural Center and Cultural Weekend.

Currently, the orchestra rehearses weekly at Cheektowaga Central Middle/High School. Concerts are presented at various large churches in the area, at Villa Maria College, and at the Cheektowaga Senior Center. The orchestra also presents a patriotic concert at the Cheektowaga Town Park each June for the annual Flag Day celebration, and in July for the Polish-American Arts Festival.

CCSO frequently performs with outstanding guest soloists. Some of the noted performers from recent years include Claudia Hoca, Ivan Docenko, Paul Schlossman, Dr. Andrew Siegel, Michele Marie Roberts, and David Bondrow. The orchestra also performs with fine local choruses, such as the Cheektowaga Community Chorus and the Buffalo Choral Arts Society. The orchestra also often highlights talented performers from within its own ranks.

For over 50 years, the Cheektowaga Community Symphony Orchestra has continuously worked to implement its goals and objectives by providing enriching cultural programs to its community. With your support, the orchestra plans to continue bringing quality music to Western New York for many years to come.

Prospective Members

Are you a musician who is interested in playing with the CCSO? We’re always looking for talented new members. We especially need string players, but there are limited openings for wind and percussion players. Interested wind players are also needed on our sub list, to occasionally fill in for rehearsals. Preference is given to players who are available for the majority of the concerts.

Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 to 10:00 pm in the bandroom of Cleveland Hill High Schooll, 105 Mapleview Rd, Cheektowaga, NY. Please check the Member Info page of this site for a map and details.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact our Personnel Manager, Paul Furlong, at personnel@cheektowagasymphony.com.

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CCSO Executive Board

President: Paul M. Siekierski
Vice President:
David Maguda
Recording Secretary:
Audrey Selcoe

Corresponding Secretary: Norma Bielawski
Jane Wiercioch

CCSO Board of Directors

Peter Sloane

Phyllis Drozd
Terry Pomana

CCSO Staff

Conductor: Nick DelBello

General Manager: Laura DeReu

Personnel Manager: Paul Furlong

Web Manager: Judith Maggs

Backstage Manager/Librarian: Mason Cancilla

CCSO Presidents, Past and Present

1961 - 1971: Melford D. Diedrick
1971 - 1973:
Donald N. Pearce
1973 - 1975:
Leon S. Regent
1975 - 1976:
Elizabeth C. Fetto
1976 - 1979:
Rene Ciesel
1979 - 1980:
Andrew A. Kulyk
1980 - 1985:
Amedeo J. Duke
1985 - 1987:
Mary E. Moretuzzo
1987 - 1995:
Anna S. Zephro
1995 - 1997:
Thomas T. Kazmierczak III
1997 - 2000:
Anna S. Zephro
2000 - 2004:
Audrey K. Dziewa
2004 - 2005:
Dave Maguda
2005 - 2009:
Audrey Dziewa
2009 - 2016:
Dave Maguda

2016 - present: Paul M. Siekierski



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